Our expectations of students is clearly laid out in our Uniform Policy which can be read here.

Students are expected to take a pride in their appearance and to wear the correct uniform items every day, which should be CLEARLY NAMED. We seek the full co-operation of all parents and students with regards to the following information. If, for some reason, there is a problem with this, students should report to their Dean in the morning before school and they will be lent the correct item for the day. 

The only exception to this is if a student has a foot injury which makes the wearing of the correct shoes impossible. In this case the student should take a note from their parent/guardian to their Dean before school.  For short term issues, the Dean may issue a uniform pass (students would still wear plain black shoes/trainers).  For long term issues, students must wear approved shoes designed for injured feet or feet needing extra support.  Details of these shoes can be found at the bottom of this page.

If students are wearing an incorrect piece of clothing or jewellery, it will be confiscated and given to their Dean. Confiscated items are given back after school each Friday. 

The official uniform requirements can be viewed through the uniform links to the right. Could parents please ensure that they are buying items that conform to these requirements. Footwear sometimes seems to be a problem area with parents buying shoes that do not meet our regulations. To save parents then having the experience of having to buy a second pair, we suggest they ring the school and check a style out if there is any uncertainty before purchasing it. 

Any facial piercing is against school rules and no student will be allowed in class with visible piercing. Piercing cannot merely be covered up with a piece of plaster. Clear plastic keepers can be worn for the first few weeks if they are needed to keep a hole from closing, as long as they are not visible and lie flat against the face. 

Male students must be clean shaven.


Uniform Stockist

Janbells is the only firm that stocks supplies of the College Uniform. Items brought elsewhere are likely to be unsuitable. Janbells is located at:
Shop 7, 408 Beach Road, Mairangi Bay
Phone:  (64-9) 478-3450


Second-Hand Uniforms 

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) runs a Second-Hand Uniform shop at the College.  It is open during Friday lunch-time from 1:30pm - 2:15pm (term-time only) and on the following Saturdays' from 2:30pm - 3:30pm:


  • 27 March,
  • 8 May
  • 12 June
  • 3 July
  • 7 August
  • 11 September



 You can email the PTA with any queries regarding second-hand uniform.



  • One (1) pair of small (no bigger than 6mm) plain studs or sleepers (no bigger than 8mm). ONE EARRING PER EAR, TO BE WORN IN THE EAR ONLY.
    -  One (1) thin gold or silver chain necklace
    -  One (1) plain ring TO BE WORN ON THE HAND ONLY.
    -  One (1) silver or gold bangle or bracelet.
    -  Ankle adornments are not permitted.
    -  Ear stretchers/spacers of any kind (including clear) are not to be worn while at school and at any time while representing the school.
  • Any facial piercing is against school rules and no student will be allowed in class with visible piercings. Piercing CANNOT merely be covered up with a piece of plaster. Clear plastic keepers can be worn for the first few weeks if they are needed to keep a hole from closing up, as long as they are not visible and lie flat against the face.
  • Jewellery rules apply to all students, including Year 13.
  • Tattoos must be covered at all times, either by a plain, neutral skin toned sleeve, a long-sleeved white school shirt, or by any other means deemed appropriate by the Deputy Principal. Tattoo rules apply to all students, including Year 13. Exemptions may be available for culturally significant tattoos, at the discretion of the Deputy Principal.

Make Up

  • Lipstick and eye makeup ARE NOT PERMITTED.
  • Eyelash extensions ARE NOT PERMITTED.
  • A NATURAL LOOK foundation is permitted.
  • Nail polish is permitted as long as it is a transparent (clear).  No colours are permitted (including white). Students are not permitted to have acrylic, shellac or french tip type enhancements. Nails must be kept short and neat. Makeup rules apply to all students, including Year 13.


All students must be clean-shaven at all times.


Plain black leather polishable lace-up shoes. For health and safety reasons shoes are required to be sturdy and support the foot and have a heel of approximately 1.5-2.0cm. Boots, ballet shoes, skate and sport shoes are NOT PERMITTED. Shoes are to be worn all year round. 

Suppliers who stock Rangitoto College approved shoes are: Janbells, Hannahs, Shoe Clinic and Shoe Science
Shoe Clinic Albany stock both types Rangitoto College approved shoes which are listed below:
Shoe NamePriceSizesPicture
Ascent Conest$189.907.5 - 12, 13 and 14 US
Ascent Apex$159.907 - 12 and 13 US

Shoe Clinic Albany offer a $10.00 discount off the shoes and a $10.00 donation back to Rangitoto College for each pair of shoes sold


If none of the Shoes listed above meet your Orthotic requirements, please visit Shoe Science. 

Shoe Science Albany Provides School Shoes for comfort, support and durability at the best prices on the North Shore

The Doc Martin Mono is Specifically designed for College students. This slip and oil resistant outsole is super durable and the weather treated 100% Leather upper is designed to keep feet dry. Available in men's and women's.

RRP $280.00
Rangitoto College
Student price
4 - 14 US

The Ascent Apex is the biggest selling school shoe for Ascent in New Zealand. Available in multiple widths for both boys and girls. It features a highly stable and cushioned midsole and durable carbon rubber outsole.

RRP $150.00
Rangitoto College
Student price
3 - 9

The Ascent Contest is a men's only model, designed more for senior students. This model has great stability and durability, and has a more formal dress look but still with great cushioning.

RRP $190.00
Rangitoto College
Student price
8 - 14 US

Shoe Science in Albany offers 20% discount off the retail price of approved Rangitoto College black uniform shoes.


Jackets and Scarves

School jackets only are permitted. Sports jackets are not to be worn with the school uniform. Scarves are permitted to be worn as long as they are the red and blue of the school uniform. No other colours permitted.


PE Uniform

All Year 9 and 10 students are required to wear the PE shirt that is available to be purchased from Janbells in Mairangi Bay. The shirt is compulsory but can be worn with any plain navy blue or black shorts or leggings.