Vision Statement


Every student of Rangitoto College will maximise their potential through the provision by the school of a world class education.



1        Academic Excellence

Through the highest quality teaching, all students at Rangitoto College will achieve their full academic potential, resulting in the College being rated as one of the top five schools nationally at all academic achievement levels.

Key Performance Indicators

►        To have over 90% of students passing at each of NCEA Level 1, 2, and 3.

►        To have over 85% of eligible students passing University Entrance at Year 13.

►        To have students achieve more than double the national rate of excellence grades and less than half the national
            ‘not achieved’ rate in every NCEA standard.

►        To have more than 4% of all students in Year 13 scholarship subjects achieve a scholarship.

►        To achieve the targets set through the Community of Schools initiative for priority learners.

2        Co-curricular Excellence

The College will actively support students in performing to their highest ability in sports, arts and cultural activities to reach a national and international level of performance.

Key Performance Indicators 

►        Six or more teams or groups ranked in the top four nationally.

►        Ten or more students annually will receive an external scholarship (or grant) to assist them to continue in their
            chosen co-curricular activity.

►        Provide each student who is performing to a national standard the appropriate support to assist them to succeed
            in their academic course while still pursuing their chosen field of co-curricular excellence.  

3        Staff

Rangitoto College will attract and retain high quality teaching and non-teaching staff across all teaching disciplines and administrative duties, who will embrace and promote the vision, values and strategic goals of the school.

Key Performance Indicators

►        For every position advertised we are able to shortlist five fully qualified, well recommended candidates.

►        Rangitoto College will identify the staff who make, or have the potential to make, a positive difference to the
            quality of education at the College and will provide those staff with professional opportunities to grow and
            develop in order to retain their services at the College.

►        All staff meet professional standards in their annual appraisal and are supported to further enhance their

►        Each year there will be at least five opportunities for staff to engage in appropriate professional development to
            assist them in meeting the needs of priority learners, students with special learning requirements and students
            from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

4        Community Relationships

Rangitoto College will communicate and engage effectively in a timely manner with parents, caregivers and all stakeholders.

Key Performance Indicators

►        All community contact within office hours will be responded to within 2 working days.

►        All parents will receive quality academic and behavioural feedback at least once a term.

►        The school will survey the parents annually to determine whether the portal is providing parents with current
            information that allows them to become actively involved in all aspects of their child’s education.

►        The College website and social media platform content will be updated and reviewed every two years and will
            feature information which is updated fortnightly.

5        Culture

Rangitoto College will provide a safe, caring and inclusive community which will promote the pursuit of excellence, respect for others, and develop high self-esteem for all.

Key Performance Indicators

►        Student attendance will be over 95% for years 9-12 and over 90% at year 13.

►        The rate of retention will be 100% for each of years 9-12 and 90% for years 12-13.

►        The College will conduct an annual survey of students’ physical, mental and emotional wellness and report the
             issues and subsequent actions to the Board.

►        The College will be below the national rate of stand-downs and suspensions.

6        Participation

All Rangitoto College students will take part in a co-curricular activity that will celebrate participation and College identity.

Key Performance Indicators

►        All students will be involved in at least one school based co-curricular activity.

►        Every week during terms 1, 2 and 3 the school will offer at least one out of class event that gives students a
            meaningful opportunity to participate in an enjoyable activity.

7        Globalisation

Rangitoto College will establish opportunities for students and staff to collaborate, share and compete with renowned schools and organisations throughout the world as a means of growing the cultural intelligence of the school community and critiquing our performance internationally.

Key Performance Indicators

►        Establish and formalise partnerships with five overseas schools of outstanding calibre.

►        Exchange at least one staff member with a school of international renown each year.

►        Exchange between five and ten students with schools of international renown for full or part year.

►        Each year senior staff will attend a major education conference or visit other top schools to measure the college
            against best international practice.

8        International students

           Rangitoto College will provide a world-class educational experience for a wide diversity of international
           students of high calibre.

Key Performance Indicators

►        Enrol the equivalent of 250 FTE international students per school year.

►        Ten different countries will each make up at least 5% of the total number of students.

►        No one country will make up more than 25% of the total number of students.

►        Full year international students will achieve in NCEA or IB at or above the national average.

9        Resourcing

Rangitoto College will achieve financial resiliance by accessing and maximising all appropriate revenue sources and by prudent fiscal management to meet the growth, development and strategic goals of the school.

Key Performance Indicators

►        Increase net revenue from locally raised funds from 16% to 25% of Government revenue.

►        Identify five streams of income with each one being at least 10% of the locally raised funds net revenue.           

►        Ensure annual operating expenditure does not exceed revenue.

10      Facilities and Infrastructure

Rangitoto College will provide optimal facilities and infrastructure to enable the college to be fully resourced to meet its stated goals.

Key Performance Indicators

►        The College will implement the Asset Management Plan agreed with the Ministry to ensure that all present
            facilities and resources are maintained to meet current and short term needs.

►        Every two years the school will review priorities outlining major future developments in school buildings,
            infrastructure and resources.

►        The College will be fully compliant in terms of Health and Safety regulations as determined by an external audit
            to be carried out every two years.