Senior Uniform

Basic Uniform

Skirt - Mid-calf, dark navy poly/wool blend straight skirt with two front pleats and side zip (security) pocket.  Skirt to be worn on the waist.  Skirt length not to be altered, must be worn mid-calf.

Blouse - White polyester shaped blouse with College logo on bottom left front hem.  To be worn out over skirt.

Shoes - Plain black leather polishable lace-up shoes.  For Health and Safety reasons shoes are required to be sturdy and support the foot and have a heel fo approximately 1.5-2com.  Boots, ballet shoes, skate shoes and sport shoes are Not Permitted. Shoes are to be worn all year.

Navy blue tights maybe worn when cold. They are to be worn instead of the white ankle socks.

Shorts - Plain, dark navy dress shorts (no front pleats).  Expandable waist with zip (security) pocket.  College logo on back.  To be worn on the waist.

Shirt - White polyester shirt with College logo on the bottom left front.  To be worn out over the shorts.


A Rangitoto College cap is now available to purchase from Janbells.






Senior V-neck Jersey or Cardigan

Jersey - Red, shaped V-neck jersey with dark navy 'tipping' around the neck. College logo on left front.
















Cardigan - Red, zipped front with dark navy 'tipping' around neck and front edge of zip.  College logo on left front.












Senior Trousers 

Trousers - plain,dark navy trousers. To be worn mid-hip. College Logo on back.
Can be worn all year round. Trouser leg not to be altered or tapered in.

Senior Blazer

Blazer is optional.













Senior Jacket

Jacket is optional.