Stationery 2019

To make life easier during the Back to School period, we have joined OfficeMax MySchool. This is an online and retail offer to parents and students where they can buy all their stationery requirements.

This offer allows orders to be placed directly online over the internet and by mail order. It also allows the parent/student to go into the OfficeMax Store at 93 Wairau Road, Glenfield.

This store is setup during the Back To School period with all the school lists available and products required on the lists. The store will have all your requirements.


Summary of Options


Order Online from the
Rangitoto College OfficeMax MySchool Website


Mail Order using the form from
Rangitoto College OfficeMax MySchool Website


Visit the OfficeMax Store in Glenfield to buy your stationery.
They have all the information needed.


Print the list from

Rangitoto College OfficeMax MySchool Website
and purchase in the store of your choice.


Print a quote for WINZ from the
Rangitoto College OfficeMax MySchool Website

If a WINZ quote is required, you may obtain the quote through the Rangitoto College OfficeMax MySchool Website by going through the process of placing an order. Before you go to confirm the order, you can print a copy. Another option is to go into the OfficeMax Glenfield Retail Store and the staff will be able to help you with the quote for WINZ.

We would encourage our parents and students to purchase through this offer, as the school also benefits and your purchases allow us to reinvest the gains made back into the school.

Alternatively, you can print the list and purchase your requirements from your own choice of stationery supplier.

If you wish to generate a stationery list, simply click on the subjects your child is taking and the list will be created. It is simple as that and easy to use!

How do you order your stationery? Please watch the video on the MySchool Home Page

Click here to be directed straight to the 
Rangitoto College OfficeMax My School Website
to place your order.




Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) 

All  students are required to bring a personal computing device to school to support their learning.

Click here for further information that includes device recommendations, purchasing opportunities and financing options.


Mathematics - Graphics Calculator

Mathematics Calculators, Casio fx-9750 GII, are available from the Finance Window or the Mathematics Department at a cost of $100.00. It is compulsory to have a calculator.