The Student Leadership Team 2022

This year we have an exceptional Student Leadership Team who were elected to their positions by their peers and staff at the end of 2021.

Leading the team are our Head Students for 2022 – Riko Takayoshi, Roberto Glinksa-Fonseca, Isaac Shin and Amelia Davey.

2022 Head Students

They are supported by our Deputy Head Students – Gabe Davidson, Gemma Offwood, Isaac Chan and Molly Gale.

2022 Deputy Head Students

The other Student Leaders are in charge of various committees in the school and we know that they will be doing all they can to enrich the lives of everyone on the campus this year as well as being superb role models and ambassadors of our school.

2022 Student Leaders

Our Student Leadership Committees and the names of their leaders are below:

The Academic Committee: Youngju Jung and Tyler Young

The Arts Committee: Caitlin Hodge and Oliver Roe

The Chinese Committee: Cynthia Li and Carolyn Lin

The Community Committee: Gemma Offwood and Harrison Cooke

The Cultural Committee: Gabe Davidson and Jiyeon (Jenny) Hong

The Environmental Committee: Eliza Ferguson-Dudding and Richard Yoo

The Globalisation Committee: Atiya Hossain and Andre Leader

The Korean Committee: Jiyeon (Jenny) Hong and Isaac Shin

The Māori and Pasifika Committee: Rylee Hollran and Nathanael Ellis-Kirifi

The Pastoral Committee: Gemma Clark and Isaac Chan

The Service Committee: Molly Gale and Sean Lee

The Spirit Committee: Jackson Hamilton and Jiyoon Yeam

The Sport Committee: Caiden Brown and Jinju Schwarz

Congratulations to all of our 2022 Rangitoto College Student Leaders!

Mā mua ka kite a muri
Mā mura ka ora a mua
Those who lead give sight to those who follow
Those who follow give life to those who lead