Rangitoto College has the largest number of teaching staff of any school in New Zealand with over 180 teachers. The College’s teachers are highly qualified in their specialist subjects and bring a diverse range of personal interests to the school that they can enrich our students with. The College is also very fortunate to be well resourced by a large team of non teaching staff.
Senior Leadership Team 
Acting Principal
Don Hastie

Bachelor of Science, Auckland University


I began my teaching career at Northcote College where I spent fours years, prior to working in the United Kingdom as a Systems Analyst. After three years, in 1990, I returned to New Zealand and began teaching Mathematics at Rangitoto College. Over the years I have had a variety of roles including eight years as the Head of Computing and seven years as a Dean. In 2003 I joined Senior Management where I have had the opportunity to develop my leadership and gain experience across all areas of the College.

Personal Experience 

It is important for every student to understand how they learn and to develop a love of learning. Teaching must be student-centred and future focused. A safe, secure, and inclusive environment is a prerequisite for this.

Associate Principal
Tony Giles

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English Literature


After three years as Deputy Principal at Sancta Maria College I am delighted to be joining the staff here at Rangitoto College where my responsibilities include Student Achievement and Well-being. Prior to moving to Auckland in 2013 I taught at a number of schools in Wellington, primarily St Patrick’s College Silverstream where I was Deputy Rector for ten years.

Personal Experience 

Being involved in the education of young people is wonderfully rewarding as we prepare students to be confident, successful and happy citizens. I take great pleasure from the many and varied achievements of our students.

Deputy Principal
Elizabeth McKnight

Master of Arts, Glasgow University
Post Graduate Certificate in Guidance and Counselling, Strathclyde University
Diploma in Teaching, Jordanhill College of Education
Post Graduate Certificate in Leadership, Harvard University
Post Graduate Certificate in Korean Studies, Korea University


I have been a teacher for 34 years; 12 of these in Scotland and 22 of these in New Zealand. During my New Zealand experience I have taught in three schools. I was a Dean, Dean’s Coordinator, HOD, Careers Counsellor and Director of Curriculum in Edgewater College. In 2002 I was appointed the position of Deputy Principal in ACG Strathallan and in 2005 to the position of Deputy Principal in Rangitoto College.

Personal Experience 

I believe that everything we do in education  is aimed at creating an environment where our students can achieve their learning potential in a place that is exceptional, exciting and creative and meets their needs whatever they are; a place where they can grow to become 21st Century learners and global citizens; a place where they can seize opportunities, and where they are inspired, nurtured and supported through their every step of their development.

Deputy Principal
Fay Meiklejohn

Bachelor of Physical Education with Honours from Otago University
Diploma of Teaching from Dunedin College of Education
Currently enrolled in a Masters of Educational Leadership at AUT


I started my teaching career as a Physical Education teacher at Macleans College before moving to the North Shore and starting mathematics teaching at Rangitoto College in 1996.  At the College I have had numerous positions of responsibility, including mathematics curriculum leader, teacher in charge of student leaders and pastoral care dean.  In 2010 I was appointed as the Head of Mathematics at Rangitoto College where I was honoured to lead a motivated and dedicated team of teachers.  I was delighted in 2016 to be promoted to Deputy Principal.

Personal Experience 

I believe that teaching is about developing relationships and motivating students through inspiration and enjoyment.  Education is about more than just what is taught in the classroom, it is about ensuring students have the personal and professional skills required to be successful in the world.

Deputy Principal
Ros Robertson

Master of Educational Administration and Leadership (Distinction), Massey University
Bachelor of Arts, Massey University


Having raised a family and worked in a variety of administrative roles outside of education, I joined a thriving English department at Rangitoto College in 2006. I enjoyed taking on responsibilities in curriculum leadership, as a Dean and a position on the Professional Development Lead Group. In 2013 I was appointed Deputy Principal at Rodney College, mainly involved in student management and achievement. In 2016 I am excited to return to Rangitoto College as Deputy Principal with responsibility for Year 10 students and overall Student Experience.

Personal Experience 

As well as what happens in the classroom, students need to be involved, contribute and have a sense of belonging in order to be open to learning and challenge, and to reach their full potential. Participating in students’ learning and development is extremely rewarding and I take great pleasure in seeing them move forward and find success. 

Deputy Principal
Julie Strang

Bachelor of Commerce
Diploma of Teaching


I have been at the College for 24 years. Over these years I have taught senior and junior Accounting, Business Studies and Economics. In the last few years I have mainly taught junior Economics.

I was a dean for eight years and then was promoted to Deputy Principal with a large responsibility for student welfare.

Personal Experience 

I really enjoy working with students. It is immensely rewarding to be able to help students overcome problems or adversity and to get their learning back on track. Following a Year group through allows you to see wonderful growth in student’s confidence and see them blossom into fine young men and women by the end of Year 13.

Deputy Principal
Joanne Yates

Bachelor of Science, Majoring in Zoology and Cell Biology, Auckland University


I started teaching Science and Biology in 1980. Over the years I have taught Science from Year 9 to Year 13 as well as all levels of Senior Biology. Latterly I have taught Year 11 extension Science classes and the Year 12 Internal Science Course that I have found very rewarding.

Personal Experience 

I love teaching because of the relationships you form with the students and the special position you have that allows you to see them learn and grow in confidence. I am passionate about teaching Science because it is innately interesting to everyone because it is about who we are, where we live, what effect we have on the world and what we can do with this knowledge.

Acting Deputy Principal
Grahame Cope

Bachelor of Science with a Geography Major from Auckland University
Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching
Post Graduate Diploma of Educational Leadership (with Distinction) from Auckland University


I started my teaching career at Rangitoto College in 2003.  Between 2005 and 2009, I was a Dean and worked across all year levels.  2009 also saw me become the Assitant Head of Department for the Social Sciences, before being appointed to the role of Head Of Department at the end of 2013.  In 2011 I received a Woolf Fisher Fellowship, for excellence in Teaching and Leading, which gave me the opportunity to travel to Australia for three weeks for a series of Professional Development opportunities.  Other roles of significance that I have been involved in at Rangitoto College are; co-head of Geography, Head of Junior Social Science, running of the Emerging Leaders Breakfast sessions, the timetabling team and presenting to staff as part of the Middle Leadership Programme.

Personal Experience 

I have a really clear personal philosophy when it comes to education and this is what really drives me.  It is to enjoy the challenge of leading others and inspiring the professional will and personal humility in staff, to ensure that the students we teach are successful as global citizens.  On a more informal level, I enjoy playing golf, running marathons, a wide range of music and pretty much any sport, especially Football, Rugby and Cricket.  I have a young daughter called Harper and my partner is also a Teacher.

Senior Leadership Structure

Acting Principal – Don Hastie

Direct Reports:

  • Associate Principal: Infrastructure, Administration, Systems and Events
  • Associate Principal:  Student Achievement and Well Being
  • Executive Officer: Non-teaching staff
  • Finance Manager
  • Director of International Students
  • Property Manager (Strategic)
  • Director of Sport (Strategic)

Strategic Leadership:

  • Chief Executive to the Board of Trustees
  • School performance - Vision, Goals and K.P.I.s
  • Human resources including recruitment, appraisal, and recognition
  • Financial strategy and performance
  • Property and assets development
  • Health & Safety*
  • P.R. and marketing – local and international
  • Administration and Data (strategic)


  • Government Stakeholder relationships (M.O.E., E.R.O., N.Z.Q.A., Education New Zealand)
  • Provider schools and tertiary relationships
  • A.U.T Millennium Institute
  • Education New Zealand Advisory Board

Acting Deputy Principal – Grahame Cope - Infrastructure, Administration, Systems and Events

Direct Reports:

  • Property Manager – A.M.P. & B.I.P.
  • I.T. Manager
  • Director of Sport (Day to Day performance)
  • Day Relief
  • I.B. Administrator*


  • School systems and organisation
  • Activities outside the classroom
  • I.B.*
  • BYOD implementation*
  • Property – implementation of 5 year maintenance plan   
  • Building Improvement Plan  
  • ICT development plan including SMS    
  • Health & Safety   

(M.O.E. Project Manager)
(M.O.E. Project Manager)
(I.T. Manager)
(A.P.; Property Manager and H&S Committee)*

Associate Principal – Tony Giles - Student Achievement and Well Being

Direct Reports:

  • Deputy Principals:
    Curriculum Department Line Manager
    Year Level: Student progress and well being
  • Curriculum and Staff Development
  • PDLG Group*
  • Executive Officer (Day to Day property)


  • Academic progress and achievement
  • New Curriculum Developments (excluding I.B. & B.Y.O.D.)
  • Communication and reporting to parents
  • Student well-being and pastoral care
  • Teaching staff performance appraisal
  • Teaching staff professional development
  • PDLG Group
  • Day to Day Property Management   
  • Health & Safety

(Executive Officer)
(A.P.; Property Manager and H& S Committee)*

Deputy Principals

Each Deputy Principal would take on responsibility for the leadership / line management in each of the following areas.

Curriculum Department Line Manager

Art & Design
Learning Support
Performing Arts
Physical Education and Health
Social Science

Jo Yates
Jo Yates
Jo Yates
Elizabeth McKnight
Elizabeth McKnight
Elizabeth McKnight
Fay Meiklejohn 
Fay Meiklejohn  
Fay Meiklejohn 
Ros Robertson
Ros Robertson
Ros Robertson
Julie Strang
Julie Strang
Julie Strang

Year Level Student progress and well being

Year 9
Year 10
Year 11
Year 12
Year 13
Fay Meiklejohn
Julie Strang
Ros Robertson
Elizabeth McKnight
Jo Yates
Fay Meiklejohn

Overall responsibility at the year level for the standards of:

  • Attendance
  • Behaviour (including suspensions and stand downs)
  • Student support, guidance and mentoring
  • Assemblies and Special Assemblies and End of Term Special Award Assemblies
  • Tutor Teacher appraisal


Administration:  Each of the Deputy Principals would be responsible for one of the following Administrative / Systems areas. These would be rotated on a 2-3 year cycle.

Community Relations:  Julie Strang

  • Enrolments
  • Contributing schools liaison
  • Prospectus  
  • Website    
  • Publications  
  • RangiNet*
  • Signage
  • Reports*
  • Parent Report Evenings*
  • Open Days/Evenings
  • Information Evenings
  • New Student induction
  • Publicity and Media Liaison 

(External company)
(External company)
(Vista Editor, Panorama Editor)

(Media Liaison Officer)

Student Experience:   Ros Robertson

  • Student leadership
  • M.A.C.
  • Major School Sporting events 
  • Performing Arts co-curricular
  • Other co-curricular activities Including Service
  • Internal sporting competitions 
  • House activities
  • Rangi Radio
  • Cultural activities and evenings 
  • Student social events including balls and socials*
  • Student fundraising
  • Cultural Diversity events
  • International student Integration and events 

(Director of Sport)

(Director of Sport)

(Director of International)

(*In partnership with D.Ps responsible for Year 12 & for Year 13)

Assessment systems and other activities: Elizabeth McKnight

  • NZQA Liaison  
  • NCEA Assessment and Review
  • NZQA Examinations
  • Exam Results Analysis
  • I.B. Examinations  
  • Added Value Assessment 
  • School Examination Ttimetables    
  • Achievement Handbook for Staff
  • Markbook*
  • Academic Prize Giving procedures and ceremonies*
  • Globalisation – trips, exchanges, partnerships

(Principal's Nominee)

(Data Analyst)
(I.B. Administrator)
(Data Analyst)


School Organisation:  Jo Yates

  • Timetable                                          
  • Course Checking process
  • Duty Rosters and performance
  • Relief/EOTC/Trips/Calendar Administrator        
  • Staff Meetings & Staff Communication
  • STAR Funding
  • Daily Notices
  • RangiNet*
  • Markbook*
  • Policies update
  • Staff & Administration Handbook
  • M.O.E. Returns                                                        
  • Databases for staffing, staffing allocation, MU’s, MMA’s
  • Student Subject Handbooks                                  
  • Returning Officer for BOT Student Representative Elections
  • Academic Prize Giving procedures and ceremonies*
  • Uniform
  • Photos


(H.O.D. Careers)

(Data Analyst)


Curriculum and Staff Development: Fay Meiklejohn

  • C.O.L*
  • I.B*
  • Pre Service Teachers
  • GATE
  • Director of Sport (Day to Day performance)
  • RangiNet*
  • Markbook*
  • Reports*
  • Parent Report Evenings*
  • Peer Support
  • Fundraising and Sponsorship (excluding student fundraising)
  • Alumni Association


(C.O.L. Leader)
(I.B. Administrator)
(Pre Service Coordinator)
(GATE Coordinator)




Shared Tasks  *

  • I.B. - Don Hastie, Fay Meiklejohn
  • RangiNet - Fay Meiklejohn, Julie Strang, Jo Yates
  • Reports - Fay Meiklejohn, Julie Strang
  • Parent Report Evenings - Fay Meiklejohn, Julie Strang
  • Academic Prizegivings - Elizabeth McKnight, Jo Yates
  • Markbook - Elizabeth McKnight, Fay Meiklejohn, Jo Yates
  • Student Social Events - Ros Robertson, DP in charge of Year Level

Senior Non Teaching Staff

Property Manager
Director of International Students
IT Services Manager
Executive Officer

Robert Armstrong
Dave Smith
Lynda Sullivan
Marlon Yu
Pam Watson