Use of Electronic Media

The use by students or staff of the internet, telephone or any other electronic media to threaten, abuse, bully or disrespect any student or staff member (either between staff, between students or between staff and students) which in any way affects ability to function within the school may be the subject of disciplinary action.

The use of the internet and/or any other form of electronic media in such a way that it brings the school into disrespect may be the subject of disciplinary action.


Electronic media, especially the internet and cell phones, are a major form of communication. Students and staff use this media to communicate about matters involving and relating to school. The inappropriate use of this media to threaten, abuse, bully or denigrate members of the school community is a matter of great concern to the school. The Board of Trustees has a responsibility to ensure the health and safety of students and staff at all times. The school also has a responsibility to maintain and protect the reputation of the school in the interests of the students, staff and community when this reputation is threatened in any public forum.

The Board of Trustees has the right under Section 75 of the Education Act to make policy on any activity that affects the functioning of the school or the ability of students or staff to function successfully within the school regardless of where and when this activity takes place.

The existence of this policy does not exclude the right of the school or of any individual to take legal action.