Cellphone Policy


Students are discouraged from bringing cell phones to school. Recent international research along with feedback from staff and students clearly indicates that cell phones at school are a major distraction for our students. Our policy is designed to ensure that the learning of all students is maximised, while minimising any potential for distraction.

If students choose to bring a cell phone, it must be switched to ‘silent’ and deposited in the ‘cell phone box’ at the start of each and every class. This ensures that the phone is not a distraction to students or teachers during classes.

[At the discretion of the teacher, students may be allowed to access their phone for a defined period of time for such things as: using the camera, undertaking a Kahoot, using other functions such as the stopwatch or calculator, etc.]

In an emergency, parents should contact the main office who will quickly convey a message to students. Students falling ill during a day must report to the health centre, who will contact parents.

Students may use their cell phone in the library (for listening to music, with headphones) during breaks, or during Y13 study.


Students breaching this policy will be dealt with as per the behavioural guidelines.

Inappropriate use of a cell phone could, but not exclusively, involve:

  • Failing to hand in the cell phone at the start of a class
  • Any sort of bullying, including sexting
  • Taking photos or videos of students or staff without their permission
  • Accessing social media sites during class
  • Producing disrespectful messages to or about staff or other students
  • Forwarding or storing photos or videos taken illegally (as above)

Mobile phones will not be confiscated except in circumstances where a member of staff considers the device to be a harmful or disruptive influence.

For repeated breaches, the student may lose the privilege of having a phone at school for a period of ten weeks.


Please note, if students do make the decision to bring a cell phone, a media device or any other personal items to the College, they do so at their own risk.  This includes when the device is handed in at the start of class. Rangitoto College is not responsible for any loss or damage caused to any cell phone.