Cellphone and iPod Policy


If students bring cell phones and/or media devices (such as iPods) to College, they are to be kept out of sight and switched off during class and tutor time

We have not banned students from bringing these items to College altogether because we realise that many parents my want to contact their son or daughter after sports practices or rehearsals.  Students who travel long distances may want some music to make the journey more interesting.  What we do require is that these devices are out of sight and not used during lessons or at tutor time.  On occasion, a teacher may ask students to use their cell phone (to record homework, photograph notes or time a speech, for instance) but this is at the discretion of staff members only.

Parents need to be aware that if students break this rule, the phone or media device will be confiscated.  The item can then be collected by parents from Reception any time between 8.30am and 4.30pm, but will not be returned directly to students.  If a confiscation occurs and parents need to get an urgent and important message to their son or daughter during the day, they may phone the school office and the message will be given to the student.

We regret having to inconvenience parents in this way, but we have to have a means of enforcing this rule, which is designed to ensure the learning of all students is maximised.


Inappropriate use of a cell phone could, but not exclusively, involve:

  • Any sort of bullying
  • Taking photos or videos of students or staff without their permission
  • Sexting
  • Disrespectful messages to or about staff or other students
  • Forwarding or storing photos or videos taken illegally (as above)

If used inappropriately, the student will lose the privilege of having a phone at school for a period of ten weeks.


Please note, if students do make the decision to bring a cell phone, a media device or any other personal items to the College, they do so at their own risk.  The College is not in a positionto spend the time necessary to try and track down the person responsible if an item is stolen.