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Learning Experience International Level

Rangitoto College has a brilliant reputation both nationally and internationally, and their students consistently achieve superior academic value. Highly qualified faculty, the curriculum is strong and well-equipped schools is the right combination for the creation of a learning environment that is fun and inspiring.

Graduated and went to the best universities in the world

Rangitoto College is the highest scorer for continuing graduate studies at universities in New Zealand. In recent years, graduates of Rangitoto has secured a scholarship to all universities in New Zealand and a number of other universities in other countries, including Harvard University, Yale University, Princeton University, Stanford University, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Imperial College in London and University of California (Berkeley).


Bejajar at Rangitoto College

Rangitoto College is a safe and comfortable place for the students to learn as possible and equip themselves so that they can succeed in college and in careers. With the experience of receiving foreign students for 15 years, Rangitoto College has many systems to help students adjust to life in New Zealand. The academic dean is ready to help the students to keep abreast of the lesson well and there is a career consultant who can be consulted to help students achieve their goals in the future.


Rivensko Alexander

Hello, my name is Alexander and I Rivensko 16 years old. I have lived in New Zealand for eight years, I come from Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. In New Zealand I was in 11th grade, and I went to Rangitoto College. I have been going to school in New Zealand Rangitoto college for almost 3 years and I plan solve my secondary school here. In Rangitoto I had the opportunity to learn some interesting subjects such as accounting, economics, and business, and also some academic subjects such as math, English, and science.

In New Zealand, its grade class is designed to help students learn the students to their talents and abilities that are needed when getting into university. We have to motivate yourself, collaboration with students of other students, contributing to the current discussion in the classroom and to find creative ways to solve problems or issues. In the future I plan to be a company manager and Rangitoto collage has prepared me to experience the experience I needed to become a good manager.


New Zealand Education System

New Zealand education system is modern and innovative, prepares students to be competitive in the global economic situation is developing rapidly. The teacher asked all the students to actively participate in class, learning individually and in cooperation with other students. Methods of assessment done in many ways, namely by exams, assignments, practice exams, group work and presentations to hone the intelligence of the students.



Some subjects are compulsory, and other subjects can be chosen by students depending on the ideals of their future. Rangitoto College has a large selection of academic and technical subjects is very broad, and special lessons for mastery of English is also available through ESOL classes (English for Speakers of Other Languages, English for Speakers of Other Languages) if needed. Rangitoto College has seeded the departments of mathematics and science, and we often win the race in these areas. Teachers challenge siswasiswa achievers to be accomplished again by putting them in special classes to help them more quickly prepare to advance to the university level.


Subjects recognized University

Students must arrange their own academic programs by selecting the required subjects to study at universities in New Zealand with a particular subject in order to achieve academic degrees. Rangitoto College has a lot of subjects that are recognized by universities, including: Accounting, Biology, Business, Calculus, Chemistry, Classical Studies, Programming Computer, Dance, Drama, Economics, Electronics, English, Technology Food, French, Geography, Design graphic, Health, History, Art History, Japanese Language, Technology Materials, Technology Multimedia, Media Studies, Music, Painting, Photography, Physics, Sports, Science, Statistics, English region of New Zealand (Te Reo Maori) and Technology Textiles.


Sports, Music and Cultural Activities

Similarly, academic subjects, Rangitoto College wanted to develop a personality, physical and social students. All students are encouraged to take part in extra-curricular activities to hone their diverse interests and talents. Rangitoto College provides 40 kinds of sport activities of interest, including rugby, football, baseball, basketball, fencing, judo, karate, golf, ski, snowboard, volleyball, water polo, windsurfing, sailing and more.

We provide special rugby program for foreign students, which can be followed either by the players beginners and experienced players. The students should form a band, jazz groups, orchestras, choirs and music groups, and private counseling available for almost all musical instruments. Rangitoto College has a lot of dance and theater groups, coupled with the many activities eg art competitions, cultural diversity week, simulating UN conference debates, and Maori performing arts (kapa haka).



Rangitoto College has facilities that belong to the best in the Southern Hemisphere, including classrooms are modern, library and information center complete with classrooms and reading room for seniors, computer access and wi-fi is free for all students, auditorium, field hockey standards of the Olympic Games, three gymnasiums and weight room, athletic tracks for all weather, five sports fields, special blocks science complete with laboratories for physics, chemistry, biology and electronics, block to English which is equipped with a television, a movie studio and room drama, music blocks with space for rehearsal and performances, dance studio with a dance floor, a large swimming pool and modern sports institute in the school environment.



Overseas students learning with students native to New Zealand, it helps English they become more natural and boost their confidence. They also mingle with foreign students from 30 different countries, including Germany, USA, Brazil, Belgium, Chile, Japan, Mexico, France, China, Thailand, Italy, Korea, Austria, Switzerland, Russia and Argentina.




The students love to stay in New Zealand for its natural beauty, the people were friendly and a good education system. New Zealand is one of the safest countries in the world because of the low crime rate and the absence of dangerous animals. Cost of living in New Zealand is also more economical than Austrialia, UK, Canada or the United States. The newcomers love to stay in New Zealand because of its air and water are clean and wide open spaces. New Zealand has a pleasant places to relax and exercise such as hiking, kayaking, surfing, fishing, bungy jumping, white water rafting and surfing the air. The New Zealand government is very enthusiastic with the international education and has developed a guide that contains aturanaturan to be followed by schools that accept foreign students. The parents also did not feel worried because the government, schools and foster families to support all students.



Rangitoto College is located in Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand. Auckland is a modern city complete with tall buildings, shopping centers, and there are many choices of cafes and restaurants. Rangitoto College is located in Mairangi Bay on the North Shore, an area with many beaches with a distance of about 20 minutes drive from the city center.


Staying Together Population (Homestay)

Coordinator of the accommodation we carefully select the appropriate foster families who live near schools, shopping malls and the beach. Very supportive foster family, care for and treat foreign students like his own family. Staying with the foster family is an enjoyable experience and usually most students remained in contact with their foster families throughout their lives.

Foster family provides a complete service, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. New Zealanders are generally fond of English cuisine, but most people like the dishes were varied as well. Many rural areas of New Zealand is devoted to agriculture, so that we can get meat, fresh fruit and vegetable quality. Asian cuisine is also well-known and readily available, so that we can feel like a meal at home.


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