Term 4 Programme

Rangitoto College offers short term students the opportunity to participate in a special activities programme during November instead of studying for national exams.

Rangitoto College’s Term 4 Programme is designed to help short-term students have an amazing New Zealand experience. The programme is a combination of classwork and trips to some of Auckland’s best attractions – an action packed month of learning and adventure!



What is included in the Term 4 Programme?

Our Term 4 Programme helps students experience the best of the New Zealand education system and try things they may not have the chance to do in their home country. Classwork is usually very practical, including activities such as launching a rocket, learning a Maori song, learning a new sport, making a movie, redesigning Auckland, cooking, performing Shakespeare, calculating the speed of a roller coaster, Slam Poetry, designing logos, advertising a product, or 3d printing.

Day trips are also an important part of the programme and students have the opportunity to experience some of Auckland’s best attractions and learn about our culture and natural 
environment. Trips may include jet boating around Auckland harbour, visiting the art gallery, playing golf, cricket, baseball or mini golf, snowboarding, having fish and chips on the beach, climbing Rangitoto Island, visiting Rainbow’s End theme park, visiting a Marae and learning about Maori culture, or visiting Arataki Visitor’s Centre and walking to Fairy Falls through the New Zealand native bush. Plenty of great photo opportunities! A detailed programme is given to students on the first day so that they know what to expect 
and what they need to bring with them to different activities and classes. Students do not have to wear a uniform during the Term 4 Programme.



When is it offered?

Students doing the Term 4 Programme will study in regular classes until the end of October, when senior students go on exam leave. The Term 4 Programme runs for four weeks during November, allowing students to return to their country in early December.

Who can join?

The Term 4 Programme is open to short-term senior students (Years 11, 12 or 13) who are studying at Rangitoto College for a period of six months to one year and do not need to pass NCEA examinations.

How much does it cost?

Rangitoto College is proud to offer this programme free of charge for our short-term international students. The programme is limited to 50 students per year so it is important to register as early as possible if you would like to participate.