Student Stories

Our international students all have different reasons for choosing New Zealand and when they leave they have some amazing stories to tell. Here are some of the things they say about their experiences at Rangitoto College, living on the North Shore of Auckland, and travelling around New Zealand.

Rafael Menezes Bido - Brazil


The best thing about doing an exchange is that you have the chance to meet lots of new people and experience a different way of life. 

I know when I go home to Brazil I will miss being so close to the beach. My host family only lives ten minutes’ walk from the beach and I go there almost every day.

One big thing I noticed about New Zealand was the safety. I went to a public swimming pool with my host brother and everyone just left their things on the benches near the pool – nobody was worried about it.

I’ve had an amazing time in New Zealand and even had the chance to try bungy jumping during my trip to the South Island. It was awesome! You have to do it! I think this is one of the best exchanges you can do in the whole world. 

Sophie Weber - Germany


My experiences here at Rangitoto Collage were fantastic. It gave me the opportunity to do things I could not have done at school in Germany. In Engineering I was taught to produce my  own working steam engine and I discovered and fell in love with the sport of rugby.

Meine Erfahrungen hier auf dem Rangitoto Collage waren fantastisch. Es gab mir die Möglichkeit, dinge zu tun die ich mir niemals hätte vorstellen können auf meiner schule in Deutschland. In Engineering wurde mir beigebracht, meine eigene  Funktionierende Dampfmaschine herzustellen und ich entdeckte und verliebte mich in den Sport Rugby.

Antje Weber - Sophie's mother

We are very happy our daughter Sophie spent the time her to gain experience at the College. She had a great time, met so many friends and found a new family ! We are all very grateful!

Tsun Hin (Anthony) Kwan - Hong Kong


I have been at Rangitoto College for over four years and I love the warmth of the New Zealanders. I have made lots of friends here and have some amazing memories. The natural landscape in New Zealand is fabulous and I’m about to go on a skiing / snowboarding trip with my friends. This is one of the many exciting trips you can book in the International office at school. This experience in New Zealand has been a really special time for me and it will be part of my life forever.

Tong (Bambi) Lu - China


I have been studying at Rangitoto College since last year and I'm loving it! The school is diverse, with students from all over the world and I can always find some fun activities that interest me. The encouraging environment in Rangi has helped me to improve my English and now I find it much more comfortable to communicate with others. Thanks to the wide range of subjects available to Rangi students, I discovered my passion in the design area which I have never had a chance to try before. Rangitoto College has offered me a fantastic experience during my journey in New Zealand. 

我从2013年进入Rangitoto College学习,并且非常喜欢这所学校。Rangitoto College 是非常多元化的,它不仅包括了来自全世界各个国家的学生,而且还涵盖了种类繁多的课余活动。在以鼓励学生为主的教育理念下,我的英语水平快速提高,如今已能自如地与他人交流。由于 Rangitoto College 提供了大量可以选择的学科,所以我非常幸运的发现了自己在设计方面的天赋,这些都是我曾经没有机会尝试的知识。Rangitoto College 的高中生活给予了我一段非常精彩的出国经历。


Catrin Bocher - Germany


New Zealand is a beautiful country, with very friendly people. Rangitoto College gave me a warm welcome and the international department is very supportive. My time here in New Zealand has been a wonderful experience. Kiwi people have a  positive attitude, which helped me to settle down very quickly. I am so happy that I have been able to enjoy this wonderful experience.

Neu Seeland ist ein wunderschönes Land mit super  freundlichen Menschen. Rangitoto College hieß mich hier herzlich Willkommen und das International Department unterstützt mich bei allen Fragen oder Problemen. Die positive Denkweise der Neu Seeländer (Kiwis) half mir mich hier sehr schnell wohl zu fühlen. Ich bin glücklich, dass ich diese wunderschöne Erfahrung genießen darf.

Ya (Mellisa) Gao - China


Coming to New Zealand has been a life changing event for me. By studying at Rangitoto College, the biggest secondary school in New Zealand, I have got to know people from so many different places and got involved in a range of activities I am interested in. I was proud to be one of the leaders of the school’s annual Chinese Night. My Rangi experience has given me a chance to discover what my passions are and get to know the kiwi culture.

从中国来新西兰留学对我来说是一个巨大的改变,在大洋洲最大的高中,Rangitoto College, 我有幸认识了世界各地的朋友并体验了各种各样的课外活动,甚至参与组织了学校一年一度的中国节。Rangitoto College的留学让我找到了自己的兴趣爱好,也更加了解新西兰独特的文化。

Marie Steiniger - Germany


My one year experience here in New Zealand at Rangitoto College was one I will never forget. New Zealand is such a beautiful country with friendly people. I made really important friendships and also had a lot of fun in school with subjects like Dance, Drama and Fabrics, subjects you can't do at home in Germany.

Dieses jahr hier in neuseeland auf dem rangitoto college werde ich niemals vergessen. Neuseeland ist so ein wunderschönes land mit freundlichen menschen and ganz viel spaß. Ich habe tolle freunschaften gemacht und hatte außerdem sehr viel spaß in der schule mit fächern wie tanzen, theater und nähen, fächer die ich nie in deutschland machen hätte können.