Enrolment FAQs

Do you have to live in the In Zone Home area to attend Rangitoto College?

All students living in the In Zone Home area have the automatic right to attend the College (unless they have been excluded from another school) and can enrol at any time. All students who live within the In Zone Home area and meet the requirements for students wishing to apply for entry to Rangitoto College under the In Zone Home criteria shall be entitled to enrol at the College. For students to qualify for automatic In Zone Home entry they must be able to provide proof that their family is living permanently in our In Zone Home area.

Once my In Zone Home enrolment application has been accepted by the College, when can my child start?

Upon acceptance of your In Zone Home enrolment application by the College you will be given a pre-enrolment pack to be completed, the Enrolment Coordinator will then advise the appropriate Year Deans that an enrolment interview is required. One of the Deans will contact you direct by telephone to organise an agreed suitable date and time for the Enrolment Interview to take place at the College, the student and at least one parent must attend the interview. The completed Pre Enrolment pack must be bought to the interview. Subject selection will be completed and the start date will be confirmed at this time.

Will my In Zone Home enrolment application be accepted if it is missing required documentation that is delayed out of my control?

Unfortunately we are unable to accept any Enrolment applications, In Zone Home or Out Of Zone Selective Ballot, unless they are complete. Please always refer to the appropriate Checklist for guidance to ensure your application is complete as this will eliminate any unnecessary delays for yourself and the College.

I live outside your In Zone Home area, can my child still enrol at Rangitoto College?

Students living outside the In Zone Home area can apply under the Out Of Zone Selective Ballot process. A ballot is held annually to determine which of these students can be given the right to enrol to start the following year.

When and how will I be advised if I have been successful in the Out Of Zone Selective Ballot?

Applicants will be advised of the results of the ballot by email as soon as possible after the Ballot is held.

What is the next procedure should I be successful in the Out Of Zone Selective Ballot?

Successful applicants will be sent an acceptance letter and pre-enrolment pack and invited to the College to complete the pre-enrolment process by attending an enrolment interview evening.

Will a copy of a current passport be accepted instead of a Full Birth Certificate as stipulated on the Checklist?

No, we need to connect the Parents with the Student and only a Full Birth Certificate gives this required information.

On the Checklist of the In Zone Home enrolment application what does ‘Certified’ mean?

‘Certified’ means that a copy of the document and the original is to be shown to the person, either a Solicitor or a Justice of the Peace, signing your Statutory Declaration. The ‘Certified’ copies remain in the students school file at the College.