Cellphone and iPod Policy

Student cell phones in the classroom must remain out of sight, on silent mode, unless explicit permission is given by the teacher. Permission must only be given for work related activities. The classroom is defined as all rooms, including the tutor room. Cell phone use at break time is discouraged but allowed. If used inappropriately, the student will be banned from having a phone at school for a period of ten weeks.

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Guidelines for Online Communication between Staff and Students

The online environment provides both teachers and students with increased access to each other.  These guidelines are designed to provide students with the reasonable expectations they can have when communicating with any teacher in a virtual medium.  Emails, forums, groups, blogs, Google Apps, and RangiNet are all examples of applications or facilities that these guidelines are intended to cover.  Separate guidelines exist for the use of email.


Student Email Guidelines

Your Rangitoto College Gmail account is not private.  You should only use this email for school purposes.  Make sure that any email you send is professional, relevant to your learning, and appropriate to the school environment.

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Student ICT Use Agreement

Please note:  as part of the Enrolment Process to attend Rangitoto College, both student and parent/s sign the Student ICT Use Agreement.  


Use of Electronic Media Outside of School

The use by students or staff of the internet, telephone or any other electronic media to threaten, abuse, bully or disrespect any student or staff member (either between staff, between students or between staff and students) which in any way affects ability to function within the school may be the subject of disciplinary action.

The use of the internet and/or any other form of electronic media in such a way that it brings the school into disrespect may be the subject of disciplinary action.

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