Virtual Reality Club

VR Club is a group that gets together once a week after school to create a game for the new frontier of virtual reality.

Contact Details

Teacher(s) Involved:


Email: TBC


Meeting times or event scheduled dates: Mondays after school (3:30pm to 5pm)


Location: C14

The groups contains members with passions in Graphic Design, Coding, Level Design and 3D Modelling and provides a space in which their talents can be realised.

Though overseen by teachers, the club is primarily run by students.  It provides a valuable opportunity to learn leadership and management skills in a fun, risk-free environment. The group learns to work together to create something memorable that everyone can be proud of.

A group of experienced members from previous years will be teaching some relevant skills to new members before the team start to undertake their next exciting VR game project.

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564 East Coast Road
Mairangi Bay
Auckland 0630
New Zealand