Management Consulting Club

Do you aspire to pursue a career in business and management consulting?

Contact Details

Teacher(s) Involved: Mr. DiMuro



Meeting times or event scheduled dates: Every Monday lunchtime

Location: C15

Management Consulting Club will teach you to pick apart and analyse a business, identify inefficiencies and potential areas for improvement, and present these ideas logically and convinicingly.

Management Consulting Club is a new club that promotes various economic and business competitions for Rangitoto students and provides information and knowledge regarding the field of business/management consulting. We assist students who are interested in this field to critically analyse any business cases and confidently present their points. Students will be able to develop and improve their industry-related knowledge through participating in competitions. Students will be given access to a pool of resources constructed by previous successful competitors. The meeting in our club allows students to practise in a safe setting and refine their skills with regular feedback.

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564 East Coast Road
Mairangi Bay
Auckland 0630
New Zealand