Targeted Programmes

Targeted programmes are extra subject options that the students can make to suit their learning requirements.


Gateway is a programme designed to strengthen the pathway for students to progress from school to workplace learning. The programme offers students the opportunity to experience structured workplace learning in an industry of their choice.

Gateway allows students to:

  • gain practical work experience in an industry of interest
  • develop ‘work-ready’ skills
  • achieve credits from employment related and/or industry based Unit Standards

Key Features of Gateway

  • offered as a subject to Year 12 and 13 students
  • students begin a work placement Term 1 / Term 2 for one day/week over a period of 10-20 weeks or students can opt to complete week block/s in the school holidays
  • core generic unit standards relating to the work environment are taught in the classroom
  • an individual learning plan which consists of industry related unit standards is designed for students to enhance their work place learning
  • credits from industry based Unit Standards count towards NCEA and industry qualifications
  • time allowance is given in class for students to catch up on missed work or assessments whilst on placement
  • guest speakers from a range of industries and working environments are invited to share their real life stories and career pathways with the students

The industry choices can be wide and varied; child care, construction, automotive, farming and beauty therapy are just a few examples. Students find their experiences very beneficial in helping them to make decisions regarding their future pathways. 

For further information go to RangiNET - My Groups/Departments/Careers/Gateway or contact:

Roxanne Mulvaney
Phone: (64-9) 477-0150 ext 785

Kate Gale
Phone: (64-9) 477-0150 

Letisha Griffith

I chose Gateway because I wanted to explore the teaching industry. I went on placement to Target Road Primary School and learned a lot. I enjoyed helping the students achieve their goals and got an understanding of what goes into the preparation of a classroom.

Letisha Griffith
Year 12 - Gateway
Career Goal 
This helped me realise that this is the career I want to pursue – Primary School Teacher.

Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

Gifted students are those who perform or who have the ability to perform at a level significantly beyond their chronologically aged peers and whose special abilities and characteristics require special provisions and social and emotional support from the family, community and educational context.  They may be found in all races and cultures, in every socio-economic group, amongst the disabled, and in both sexes.  They appear in every field of human endeavour, where innate capacity is transformed into performance through its interaction with motivation and commitment, with the learning or working environment, and with the opportunity to learn and practise. 

Making on-going provision for gifted and talented students is a matter of equity and is necessary to enable them to reach their potential.  Whenever a student is referred to the teacher in charge, as being in need of curriculum extension/acceleration this will be investigated.  Identification of needs will occur and wherever possible, appropriate activities to meet the learning needs of the student will be put in place. 

Teachers will be expected to deliver courses and activities which meet the educational needs of GATE students.  This may involve enrichment and/ or acceleration activities. Heads of Department will be responsible for making sure that this is the case and for selecting teachers with appropriate skills where possible.  Teachers will incorporate the most up-to-date technology available to support student learning. Individual students/small groups may be withdrawn from class to participate in enrichment activities depending on the assessments made of the student’s needs.