The Learning Centre

The Learning Centre has two teachers, seven student support workers and two part time admin. 

The Learning Centre aims to provide support for students in a variety of ways including:
  • welcoming friendly base at break and lunch
  • coordination of student support worker support where appropriate
  • special conditions support e.g. reader writer support
  • information gathering and dissemination to staff about student’s needs
  • organisation of Special Olympic activities /events
  • organisation of support for ORS funded students
  • coordinates links to appropriate external services e.g. RTLB support (Resource Teachers for Learning and Behaviour

If you have any concerns or questions about your child’s additional learning needs please contact Jacqueline Allen or Liz Innes on (64-9) 477-0150 ext 822.

Learning Centre Vision Statement

  • to assist all students to minimise any challenges they face
  • to access the curriculum at their own level
  • to promote a nurturing environment alongside whanau/family, all staff, supporting agencies and the community to feel safe to develop life-long skills 

Aims of the Learning Centre

  • to provide appropriate empowering  support to students with additional learning needs
  • to provide students with additional needs a safe and friendly environment to access help
  • to develop a comprehensive programme of professional development for college staff to develop teaching skills /strategies to support students in their classes



100+ students with additional needs are
supported with their assessments.


Rangitoto College Learning Centre recognises and upholds the New Zealand Disability Strategy 2012 objectives.

100+ Students with additional needs are supported with their assessments

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Head of Department 
Jacqueline Allen


I trained as a teacher in the United Kingdom and taught for 13 years in England working with students with additional needs. I married a Kiwi and emigrated to New Zealand in 2007. I have been working in the Learning Centre since 2008.