Rangitoto College Library supports the school’s vision of “every student maximising their potential” through the provision of a dynamic environment, excellent services, outstanding collections and relevant programmes that will empower students’ learning and encourage their enjoyment of reading for pleasure.

Facilities and Services

The main Library area contains three formal teaching areas; a recreational reading area, 16 computers, 8 Library catalogue computers and a colour photocopier. There are also three Reading Rooms, an ICT room and a Year 13 Study Room. Resources include approximately 27,000 books, electronic resources and magazines.




Library Focus

Shakespeare Day and Library Week

June was an incredibly busy time in the library. We hosted Shakespeare Day on Friday 19th June. This is the day the English department celebrate all things Shakespeare with Year 13 students taking English, and many of their events take place in the library. We had plays being performed in the Reading Rooms, costumes being created out of newspaper in Area 1, sonnets being written in the IT room, Tarot cards being read in another space, and Playdough models of plays being created in the Curved Window space. The students’ costumes were fantastic and it was a great day.

The following week we held our annual Library Week. The theme this year was ‘Reach for the stars’ and our goal was to have fun in the library.

To this end we had four fun competitions with 12 Tuck Shop vouchers as prizes.

  • How many Jelly Beans in the jar (299, nobody guessed it exactly)
  • How heavy was the pile of books (8kg, but guesses ranged from 5kg to 30kg!!)
  • Who was the author (from a series of images you had to guess who the author was, correct answer was Shakespeare)
  • Match the genre labels (we have introduced genre labels to help students find books with similar themes)

We also put out puzzles for students to do during break times and had a lunchtime craft event where students made and decorated stars for our display. We had a lot of fun, it was a great week.

Next term as senior entrance exams approach we will be focussing on the Study Support available in the library.

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Library Staff

Library Manager - Mrs P. Webster
Librarians - Mrs C. Hurley, Mrs J. Peachey and Mrs F. O'Connell

Students help in the Library as Student Librarians working on a roster, Duke of Edinburgh service students or as Friends of the Library. 

Specialist Collection Areas

  • Maori resources
  • Resources supporting other languages including Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish and French
  • Online databases
  • Educational and recreational magazines
  • Reference material
  • Vertical files with newspaper and journal articles
  • Sophisticated picture books
  • Quick Reads
  • Archives
  • DVDs
  • eBooks - click on the image below


Reading Rooms

Reading Rooms are used by classes for silent reading and are also open for students at lunchtime. Sliding doors allow quick conversion into one large seminar room, which is used for displays, guest speakers and video presentations.

Computing Facilities

The Library is now fully wireless.

Students have access to RangiNet - the school intranet, the Library catalogue, the internet and online databases.

Head of Department 
Trish Webster

Bachelor of Arts
Registered member of the Library and Information Association of New Zealand Aotearoa 

I have worked in High School libraries since 2003, firstly as a Librarian and now as the Library Manager of the Rangitoto College Library. I am passionate about reading and have made it my mission in life to introduce everyone to reading for the sheer pleasure of it. My second passion is helping the Rangitoto College community become more capable information users. Navigating the information landscape can be daunting and time consuming: I want to enable students to do it effectively and efficiently so that they achieve the success they deserve.
Personal Statement 
I believe that everyone can learn how to use the Internet safely and wisely.